Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chris, Me, Shawn, Celeste
Autograph time!! The 4 of us got autographs from a couple different players. I really wanted my jersey signed by my favorite Seahawk--Bobby Engram--but he wasn't signing.
I LOVE this picture. Chris did a great job of getting just him praying with noone else in the picture.
Another favorite picture. Engram is my favorite player and I love this pic of him achnowledging us Hawks fans. He must have been pumped up because he had over 130 recieving yards and a TD.
Steve Raible and Hall of Famer Warren Moon
Seahawks owner Paul Allen in his WAY too small hat and coach Mike Holmgren
This was probably one of my favorite moments. We gathered right down where the Hawks come out of the tunnel so that during warm ups and pre-game we could see the guys and get some autographs. This was the linebackers huddling up right in front of us. It gave me goosebumps. They were literally 5-10 feet in front us and it felt like we were right there in the huddle with them, it was awesome!!
Hot dog time
Me, Chris
Shawn(not smiling) and Celeste
Shawn (smiling) and Celeste
After the game outside our hotel we met these two Englishmen who came all the way from England just to see the Browns. Of course we had to take their picture:)

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