Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chris and I went to Cleveland November 2-5. The trip was Chris's bday present (he turned 30 on the 2nd). Actually the Seahawks tickets were his birthday present but we had to go to Cleveland to go to the game:) We also thought it would be fun to have our good friends Shawn and Celeste meet us there for the weekend. So we met there, we had a great time and below are all the pics from the weekend so enjoy.


Sadly at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame you are not allowed camera's in the actual museum part. I understand they have to abide by the wishes of the artists etc but it still sucked. So many things I wish we could have shared with you all. My favorite was probably Janis Joplin's Porsche all painted psychedelic. All the different displays with outfits worn by people like The Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna and Michael Jackson were pretty cool too. They had the jacket that MJ wore for the Thriller video, that was pretty awesome. So many things to tell about. If you are ever in Cleveland and appreciate music on any level you really should check it out. Celeste did not come with us (she had no interest) so it was just Chris, Shawn and myself.

Hot dog anyone? Due to copy right and stuff you are not allowed to take cameras into the actual Hall of Fame area. But before you go in to the main areas there is some displays with guitars belonging to different musicians so we were sure to take pics of those. The first guitar below belonged to Johnny Cash.

Random Pics from around Cleveland

These first few pics are the views we had from our hotel room which was located downtown Cleveland. We stayed at the Embassy Suites and it was pretty nice.The hotel we stayed at hosts a reception every evening in their atrium with free drinks and snack type food. We headed down there on the Saturday evening to kill time before our dinner reservations. Shawn looks like he is drinking a lot, but in his defense the glasses were really small and had a lot of ice ;) Sexy I know....aren't Celeste and I so lucky
Shawn and Celeste and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Sweater
Chris's big ole' steak ( or whats left of it) that he had at his birthday dinner
Hard Rock Cafe
Our living room in our hotel room The bedroom had a flat screen HD TV as well as the living roomKitchen/dining roomMe outside our hotel