Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chris and I took a trip to Baltimore, Maryland on August 6th thru August 10th. The main reason for our trip was to see our Seattle Mariners take on the Baltimore Orioles in a 3 game series. We did take some time thought to see Baltimore and Washington DC and also a detour through Delaware so we could eat at Sonic-Drive in. I divided up our pictures into 7 posts so please take a few minutes and check them out.
Random pics we took on our way to Baltimore
Belle was happy and ready for a vacation herself
As you can see we were both wide awake
George Washington Bridge from New York to New Jersey. We ended up stuck in traffic for over an hour because of construction on the lower deck of the bridge. The pictures below are of a bridge the we drove over from New Jersey into Delaware. Welcome to Delaware
Game 1: Seattle Mariners @ Baltimore Orioles. Mariners 10 Baltimore 3
Chris and I got tickets for all three games down in Baltimore. It was a really fun road trip to see our Mariners play. Camden Yards is a pretty cool ballpark and reminded us a lot of Safeco field back in Seattle.