Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christmas In Seattle

Chris and I left Boston on December 18th and were off to Seattle for 18 days. It was WONDERFUL!! We had such a great time with friends and family and were sad when January 4th came around and it was time to head back to Boston. We did miss our dog Belle though and were glad to get home to her. Boston, not so much. We got stuck in a traffic jam at 1 am on the way home from the airport....go figure....Gotta love Boston. Please enjoy all the photos I have posted below of our time in Seattle.

Pics from the Plane

Most of these pics were taken flying to Salt Lake City over the Rockies. So beautiful!!

Christmas With the Williams

Every year Chris's moms side of the family gets together for a Christmas celebration. It is a wonderful time to all be together. Chris and I have really missed being a part of it the last 3 years and were so happy to be able to be there this year. We had such a wonderful time. There really is nothing else like a Williams get together. The food is always amazing and the wine flows freely. Uncle Kevin (Kathy's hubby) is a viticulturist for some of the best wineries in the NW United States and Kathy and Kevin are always so wonderful as to supply all the wine and the glasses don't ever go dry;)

Bill, Dadio, Kathy and Chris
Kevin, Chris, Lief and Alicia
Alicia and Paul
Mom, Chris and Grandma WilliamsKathy, Mom Paul and Chris
Mom, Grandma and Karmin Aunt Joan, Grandpa and Kathy
Kris, Aileen, Kate and Alicia
Mom and Alicia
Aileen and Kathy
Sisters -- Aileen, Kathy and Linda
Siblings -- Lief, Aileen, Kathy and Linda
Bryan Me and Andrea
Me, Andrea and Alicia