Friday, January 25, 2008

Evey Turns 30!!

The Friday before my birthday Chris and I decided to go out and enjoy dinner with a few friends to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday. I am not one for big celebrations so we just headed out to dinner with Shawn and Celeste and Jen and Ryan. We went to the Tap House Grill in Bellevue.
On my actual birthday, the night before we left to come back to Boston we enjoyed dinner out with the family at The Keg. Paul and Alicia had already headed back home to Los Angeles so it was Bryan, Andrea and the boys, Mom and Dad, and Bill and Aileen (Chris's aunt). Oh and Chris and I of course.

In front of the tree at Chris and parents house before dinnerMe and Chris Bryan and Andrea
Bill and Aileen
Bryan and Trevor
MMMMMM Mocha Ice Cream Pie

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