Sunday, June 03, 2007

We took the time to take in the city via the Boston Duck tour. The boats are old replica war boats and offer a unique tour of the city on land and water. The tickets are a little pricey but totally worth it. We really enjoyed it. Our boat was the purple one named "North End Norma" and our guide was Seargant Peppers. And yes he actually looked like John Lennon. If you are ever in Boston I highly recommend you find the time to take this tour.

When the Red Sox won the World Series they rode the duck boats on their parade route. Each of the players signed the roofs of the duck boat they were riding in

At first glance I realize this picture below looks like just a big green blur. But if you look closely to the left of the picture you can see the Swan Boat through the opening in the trees

The picture below is an actual piece of the Berlin Wall that sits outside of an education building here in Boston.

We came across a husband and wife Canadian Geese couple. Apparently they return to the same spot each year and he gaurds her from the water and brings her food while she stays in that large flower pot and protects and hatches her eggs.

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